Props of different shapes

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Props of different shapes

Post by bradporeda »

I know this opens up a can of worms but,...

It would be nice to be able to build props of different shapes (circles, stars, ovals, rhombuses, free shape....) rather than just rectangles.

The implementation "should" be as simple as the rectangle's Width, Heigh, Depth fields.
ex: Circle (Diameter, Height)
ex: Stars (#of points, Outer Point Radius, Inner Point Radius, Height)
ex: Oval (Short Diameter, Long Diameter, Height)

Further, (and this is the can of worms part), it would be nice to be able to have "levels" within a prop:
ex. Circle (Level 1: Diameter, Height. Level 2 Diameter, Height. Level 3, ...) = Wedding Cake shape
ex. Rectangle with levels = Stairs.

And what about a straight Ramp shape? (Length, Width, Starting Height, Ending Height). Ramps are a way performer get onto props and need to be accounted for on field for space.

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