Skipping Halt Subsets in Dot Sheets?

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Skipping Halt Subsets in Dot Sheets?

Post by bjindrich »

I'm pretty sure there isn't a way to do this, but I figured I'd ask: when generating dot sheets, is there any way to "skip" Subsets that are tagged as Halts?

Here's what I mean by "skip": not have a separate row in the dot sheets.

For example: If I had a Set with 32 counts broken down like this: 8 counts, 8 count Subset Halt, 8 count subset, 8 count Subset Halt, then ideally the dot sheet would only contain two rows: the one Subset, and the Set - versus four rows. I realize that this would add complexity to the Counts In and the Counts Out section in the upper right corner of the charts, but having an option to skip Halt Subsets in the dot sheets would reduce the "noise" in the dot sheets, and it would also make life easier for me when I generate the dot sheets.

To play out an example: I have a Set that includes an 8-count move, followed by 7 one-count Halt Subsets, because I have a sequential visual in the Winds. When I go to generate the Dot sheets, I have to delete all the Halt Subsets (I don't want 8 rows of one-count subsets that say "you don't stop on this subset" in every performer's dot sheets - that's unnecessary, and it's why I call it "noise"). I have several Sets like this, so it gets time-consuming to have to go back and delete all of these Halt Subsets when it's time to generate dot sheets.

There are other examples of Halt Subsets (they are not all just for sequential visuals), but at the end of the day, I need to delete them all when generating dot sheets, because I want to send the simplest, shortest dot sheets (and I give detailed in instructions in the Set Notes).
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Re: Skipping Halt Subsets in Dot Sheets?

Post by William »

Hi bjindrich,

You are correct, there is no way to skip halts on dot sheets currently. Your reasoning makes sense and this is definitely a feature that we should support. It has been added to the backlog.
William Lee
Box5 Software
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