Snap timeline to current Set?

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Snap timeline to current Set?

Post by bjindrich »

Is there a way to have the timeline snapped/shifted so that the current set is visible on the timeline?

I aske because as I work further into a show (I keep the entire drill in one production), when I load the drill, I can quickly navigate to the last chart, but then I have to then also scroll the timeline over to the end as well.

Would be nice if there was a way to have it be a one step process when navigating to a page, if the timeline also scrolled to display the page (or if there was a keyboard shortcut to do this).
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Re: Snap timeline to current Set?

Post by William »

Hi bjindrich,

Yes, this is also functionality that I have wanted for a long time. It is definitely in the works and hopefully it can be here soon.

As a side note, zooming out the timeline (mouse scroll wheel) allows you to view the whole timeline at once and quickly get to the general area. Though it is still more work than simply going there automatically.

Have a great day!
William Lee
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Re: Snap timeline to current Set?

Post by abda53 »

It would be awesome to have this, even if it's a keyboard command shortcut
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