Student Viewer Question

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Student Viewer Question

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I recently received this question in an email and I thought I would share it with all of you:

Q:Could you explain in a little more detail how a student can watch their own show, as if they are on the field?

Using the student viewer is very easy. The whole process can be broken down into two parts:
  • Sharing your drill: You will usually want to Export your drill when sharing it with others. Exporting packages together everything that you need to view the drill including music, uniforms, custom flags etc. Exporting creates a ".EnVision" file that you can share. You can Export your show in two ways, both from the File menu.
    • Export Show will export everything for your entire show, including multiple productions. This option is the easiest but it also creates the biggest file and so might be harder to share. It might also be harder to understand for members who have to load different songs in the same show.
    • Export Production will export only the elements you want from the current production. This gives you more customization and control. It may also be easier for students as each EnVision file contains only one production.
    • Importing: Importing a production is just as easy as loading a regular drill file. Just find the file on your system and open it through EnVision. This will put all the files in their respective folders (drill in Drills, music files in Music etc.) and will load the drill file. Once it is imported the first time you can open the drill file just like a regular drill file.
  • Student Viewer: This allows you to lock the camera on to an individual member and follow them around. There are two ways to do this, both very easy:
    • Toggle: The second toggle in from the right of the toggle bar is the Follow Performer Toggle. If you have a performer selected, enabling this toggle will snap the camera to that performer. If you have more than one performer selected then it will snap to the first one in the selection.
    • Camera Tool: You can also select the performer you want to follow from the Camera Tool. At the bottom of the Camera tool is a section called "Follow Performer". There is a list of selected performers there that you can select from. Once you have one selected you can turn on the "Follow Performer" check box and the results will be the same as above.
Note: Don't forget to turn off the follow performer toggle when you want to go back to editing.

When the camera is locked to a performer, you can zoom in until you are viewing as if you are the performer or you can zoom out and see a little bit more of your surroundings.
William Lee
Box5 Software
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