Can props appear and disappear

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Can props appear and disappear

Post by KZimmerman »

Is there a way to turn props on and off during a production? In my case I have a "flyover" horizontal flag/tarp that will be rolled up before and after it appears. It starts and ends on the field so I don't want to see it during the entire production. I tried to make it disappear when it is rolled up but didn't succeed. Any suggestions?
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Re: Can props appear and disappear

Post by William »

Hi KZimmerman,

Unfortunately no, there is no way to show or hide a prop during the course of a production, neither is there a way to change the shape of a prop during that time.

You could keep the prop way off to the side for the majority of the show and move it in right before the move, but that wouldn't completely solve your problem as you would still see it coming in from the side.

Have a great day!
William Lee
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