Tempo unable to change & Count changes are off

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Tempo unable to change & Count changes are off

Post by axcs »

Hello, axcs here.

I recently downloaded the free version of Envision, and so far, its moderately easy to use. But, from the get-go, I've always been unable to change the tempo of synced songs in my production. Changing the counts (usually to 100-300) seemed to help for a little while, but proved not feasible. This of course led to a problem that changed how fast the performers were marching from one set to another. For context, the tempo option is completely grayed out, but changing the count number to an absurd number changes the tempo incorrectly and automatically.

Also, when syncing music, the number of counts only show up for the first set. When I sync the other sets to the music, a count number doesnt appear. This may be hard to visualize, so I can include screenshots if need be.

Is anyone else having this problem? And how do I fix it? Is it because I'm using the free version? Thank you.
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Re: Tempo unable to change & Count changes are off

Post by William »

Hi axcs,

There are a couple details missing from your description for me to tell exactly what is causing your issue so let me describe how the timeline works regarding music synchronization and hopefully that will answer your question.

When you synchronize your drill to music then your sets become locked in place relative to that music, which basically means they are frozen at a specific time. From that, the tempo of any given set is calculated based on how long the set is and how many counts are in it, so adjusting the number of counts can increase or decrease the tempo. At this point the tempo isn't allowed to be adjusted from the Tool, however this really isn't necessary and we do plan to re-enable this in the future but for now that's just the way it is.

If you want to adjust where a set is relative to the music you can still do that in a number of ways, this will adjust the tempo of the set in-turn. You can resync the music: EnVision allows you to adjust the synchronization of as many or as few of the existing sets as you like. You can also adjust the sets manually by unlocking the timeline and click-dragging the sets manually. There are some options that allow you to move all following sets if you add 16 counts of music for example.

Regarding adding sets: There are 3 main ways to add sets once the music has been synced:
1. Add a new set to the end of the production. This is pretty straight forward as it just appends a set to the end. If you have synced a time for that set already then it will be applied, if not then it will take the same time as the previous set.
2. Add a new set in between other sets. If you are not on a set already then the previous set will be split on the current count and you will end up with 2 sets where you only had 1 before.
3. Add a new set while on an existing set: This will use the same synchronized sets that you already set up and just insert a new set by pushing the later sets back by one synced time. This is dangerous if you didn't intend for that to happen as your sets may end up with the incorrect counts.

In your case it sounds like you synced the music but you didn't add the sets to the timeline. These are separate steps that need to be performed.

I hope this description helps you understand what is happening. Please let me know if I can be any more help.

Have a great day!
William Lee
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Re: Tempo unable to change & Count changes are off

Post by buyerporkchop »

To address the tempo and count issues in Envision, try checking if these features are limited in the free version. Additionally, consider reaching out to Envision's support for specific assistance. Screenshots could indeed be helpful for a more detailed diagnosis.
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