End of Season Review

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End of Season Review

Post by bdrumsanchez »

End of season review.
We just finished our season this past saturday. We made finals at our Area but came out short for the Texas State Marching Contest. Still had a blast.
I wanted to thank you for letting us pilot test your beta version of Engage. For next season I would like to continue using your product, but I hope that some features will be added. The following are some examples of what I would like to see implemented into the app.
1. The ability to hear a click i.e. metronome
2. Able to hear the audio for each production
3. Set numbers that match what was written in the original drill in EnVision
4. In landscape mode the "going to next set" at the bottom is not present. I only see it in portrait mode.

I really enjoyed using the EnVision software. I hope that we can add more features that would give the drill writer more creative flexibility i.e. writing step offs on different counts for ripple effect. I plan on continuing to work with your software, but would really like to see some of these features included in your next version. Thanks.
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Re: End of Season Review

Post by William »

Hi bdrumsanchez,

Thank you very much for the feedback! I'm glad that you were able to find some benefits from using our App. Congratulations on your successful season, hopefully you can move up the ranks next year!

These are all great suggestions, I will add them to the backlog on the EnGage and EnVision boards to make sure that they get traction. Please to let us know if you have any other thoughts on the product, we want to make sure that it satisfies the most common use cases.

Have a great day!
William Lee
Box5 Software
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