Flag Texture - image dimentions

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Flag Texture - image dimentions

Post by bjindrich » Fri Aug 30, 2019 8:48 am

I have an image and I'm trying to set it as the texture for a flag in the Flag Editor, but no matter what dimensions I use for the image, the image displayed on the flag is either cropped or stretched. What's the suggested way to get the image looking good on a flag?

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Re: Flag Texture - image dimentions

Post by William » Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:01 pm

Hi bjindrich,

Great question. There's a couple things to know about how the flag images are processed that might help here.
  1. By default, the image is stretched to fill the entire flag surface.
  2. The flag surface stretches down about 3/4 of the pole's length, to accommodate differently shaped flags.
  3. The flag surface also wraps around the pole.
A specific example will help here. If you have an image that is the standard 5x3 flag shape, then by default when the image is loaded it will be pretty good horizontally, but it will be stretched almost double vertically to fill out the flag surface area. You can adjust this by using the "Texture Vertical Scale" in the Flag Editor tool until the texture is the right height.

So depending on the shape (ratio) of the image that you use, the Vertical and Horizontal scale options will be your friend.

You should also plan that your flag will wrap around the pole, so making an image that is slightly wider than the standard 5x3 will allow for the pole wrap area.

Lastly (this wasn't part of your question, but it seems like a good place to write it), all of EnVision's default flags have a subtle "flag wave" texture blended with the actual image texture. This provides a dynamic look to the flags that helps bring it to life. If you have some image editing skills this can be done fairly easily with a stock image of a white flag blended on top of the image that.

Let me know if you are having any other problems!

Have a great day!
William Lee
Director of Product Development
Box5 Software

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